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In summer everyone wants to relax. And what kind of rest without the sea and the sun? And in Odessa all this is there. The main thing is to choose the right place for rest.
To the sea to walk, so that it was easy to get to the city center, but to sleep far from the noise of the city. To the beach with vip-services and budget were close (so it’s easier to compare).
Hotel Mirny Resort is the right place for a good holiday!
Arcadia with fashionable beaches with tents and pools, aqua park and popular nightclubs in 10 minutes on foot. To reach 10 stations of the Big Fontana for a quiet rest, just lie on the sand, too, can be in 10 minutes. And in the center of the city — you can by your car, (by the way, we have parking for it) or a minibus for only 20-30 minutes.
And where to eat? We will not impose anything. Order breakfast at your discretion, lunch is complex or on the menu can be ordered on the spot. And dinner, always as a holiday, is better on our outdoor terrace with meat and grilled vegetables and a pleasant relaxing drink. But if you want, we will advise where else in Odessa you can eat interesting.
Stopping in Hotel Mirny Resort you will see Odessa from different angles, but in all its glory. This summer will be unforgettable!