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лето в Одессе в Мирном
Odessa JazzFest

International jazz festival Odessa International Jazz FestivalOdessa JazzFest

There are no people indifferent to jazz, they either love or do not understand it, «and it’s hard to get used to jazz right away and I’m sorry for you …»

Many argue: where was the birth of jazz? It all depends on what you hear. In this music, everything connected — the sounds of wind and sea, the sounds of entertainment and solitude, the sounds of mood, the sounds of love. And the answer about the homeland of jazz is obvious — this is Odessa.

For many years in our city there has been a jazz festival, with a purely Odessa motto «We will not let jazz die in our homeland!» Today, jazz has adherents and performers in all parts of the world, penetrated the culture of all countries. It’s fair to say that jazz is world music, and the first one in this regard.
After 10 years of the festival «Jazz Carnival in Odessa» it was decided to make a «rebranding» of the festival in connection with the change of the concept — the departure from street performances of musicians (carnival) towards the classical festival format (a large concert hall, three concert halls, three projects party). The accent was made not so much on entertainment, but rather on the musicality of the invited performers. The head and founder of the International Jazz Festival in Odessa for many years was the composer and pianist Yuri Kuznetsov, today a number of events are held in memory of him. And the very name of the festival now sounds very European in Odessa JazzFest. (For more information, please visit:

So let’s plunge into the sea of ??jazz, so bright and diverse …