Driving through the «Big Fountain»
Odessa you will surely notice
15-storey building,
era of developed socialism,
on which Europe indicates by its own hand

Yes, this is the hotel «Peace Resort».
More than 50 years in the name there is the word «Peaceful»
and indeed under the roof of the Mirny rest house
people of different nationalities, different religions,
of different ages and everyone felt comfortable.

after a complete reconstruction of the hotel *** Mirny Resort

hotell 98 rooms

conf13 conference rooms

rest1Cafe, bar, open terraces

icons8-бумажный-самолетик-30Game Zone

icons8-звонок-вызова-30Round-the-clock reception (Eng., Rus., Ukr.)
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icons8-групповой-звонок-30Team of professional employees
hotel will make your event a success,
and your rest is pleasant.

icons8-лиственное-дерево-filled-30The park zone of the hotel, separates it from the road,
and allows guests, walking in the shade of trees, to admire
Alpine hill, flowers, green lawns …
icons8-наружная-парковка-filled-30  behind which is a large parking lot for guests.

icons8-подарок-30   And of course the bonus —
this is the location of the hotel Mirny Resort
icons8-карта-сокровищ-309 station of the Big Fountain,
20 minutes to the city center,
to the railway station and the airport.
icons8-пляж-30  And to the beaches of Arcadia or Chaika is only 10 minutes, on foot.


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Mirny Resort Hotel —
this is the place where you can work productively and comfortably relax.

Our motto: The best combination of price and quality!