The «Mirrors» Hall 50-120 guests. For of trainings and conferences.

The «Mirrors» Hall 50-120 guests. For banquets.

Scheme hall for trainings and conferences: Scheme hall for banquets:

Banquet hall «Mirror» invites of our guests to fairyland Through the Looking Glass, a real place right now, now your holiday!
Extraordinary contemporary stylein which executed design hall, will not leave indifferent the strongest fashionistas and fans of glamor, and luxury laying will satisfy highly respected of supporters classics.

Organizers banquets professionally will create a luxurious atmosphere for guests — whether it be celebration of the anniversary, wedding, corporate party or other event. Banquet hall «Mirror» has considerable spaciousness from 50 to 80 guests.You will not need to worry about nothing: our staff will take over responsibility for meeting the guests, their meals and entertainment.

Wonderful culinary skills of chefs enrich the elegant tables served exquisite dishes, and catchy music and excellent services of waiters will give an opportunity each guest to feel the most respected and beloved at this celebration. Your celebration will be unforgettable, because we very are trying harmonically combine here style, colors, service and affordable prices to you and your guests are happy!

Our prices
Price hall for trainings and conferences: 350 UAH. / 1 hour
Price hall for banquets: Normal price good banquet is 350 UAH. for one person, buffet table — 150 UAH. for one person.
Rent hall for organizers of banquets, catering agencies, agencies eventy negotiated, is usually 150 UAH. for one person.
Cost of the event is not final and depends on the wishes of the customer by seating guests selected menu, hall decorations necessary, additional technical support.
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